The Greatest Journey of My Time

I relax my foot on the acceleration pedal so I could slow down. I turn the steering wheel to the left to make a change in the direction. Seeing a stop sign, I pause, and then go on my way. I may not have earned my driver’s license yet, but this is a road I am able to drive, and been driving since I was born. I am in the middle of the road on the greatest journey of my time: the journey of life.

This road will never be the constant as I keep driving. Sometimes it will become bumpy and rough, and I will have a hard time going forward. I must clench my teeth and proceed, hand-in-hand with caution. I may have to look out for any possible detours and choose my next path in the middle of a crossroad. Sometimes it will become smooth and quite easy to handle. I will be able to momentarily be at ease and have a chance to look at the scenery out the window. However, it will be totally unpredictable. As I put miles and miles behind me, there will always be miles and miles of uncharted territory ahead.

As I drive, I learn about the capricious games of life. I strive to make my own rules, but it doesn’t always work out the way I planned. I try to adapt to each new situation I am placed in, despite the odds not being in my favor. I struggle to take control of my steering wheel and live out my life my own way. Every time, I find out new sides to and characteristics about myself. And I grow and mature the longer I am on my journey.

Who am I? I may seem like one person among the millions living in this world. I laugh and learn and grow. I hope and wish for things as earnestly as the person next to me. However, just like every snowflake has its own shape, I am my own snowflake in a blizzard – one of a kind. I am a dreamer who lives on her own cloud and strives to find her true self. A dreamer who is trying to master the trials of life as she continues her journey. Someone who has ran straight into the middle of several challenges, went through unforgettable and unusual experiences, tasted raw and overwhelming emotions, and underwent numerous transformations.

Are you interested in this dynamic ride? Then join me on my greatest journey. There are plenty of seats in the back. Follow my blog or just keep in touch so I can show you a new world painted with dazzling colors, the unique colors of the Dreamer on a Cloud.


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