My Secret World

A safe haven. A place where you feel like you belong. When we think of the word “sanctuary,” most of us would just say “home.” What other perfect place to chill after a long, strenuous day is there than home, sweet home? However, “home” seems like too broad and cliché of a word to explain the place where we feel safe and comfortable. If you take the time to think further, you will be able to realize the wondrous universes that are a part of you. For a baby, it may be in the warm and cozy feeling of safety of the mother’s womb. For a bookworm, it may be amongst a sea of unexplored worlds hidden in fascinating books. For a great thinker, it may be in the deep recesses of his or her vast mind.

There is a secret place I escape to whenever it seems to rain troubles outside. Actually, I am inside this world right now, while I am typing away at my keyboard. I know that you might have guessed it: the world of writing.

I love writing. The thought of capturing the vast universe inside words and coloring them with my own heart and soul in order to share them with the rest of the world has always intrigued me. Inside my private world, where there is nothing but a series of thoughts and words (and me), I struggle to shape pure feelings into words. It’s not always easy finding the right words, but the process is exhilarating. Nothing gives me more ebullience than putting my inner voice into a language of communication. I feel totally comfortable and safe in this world, and this is the place I find myself – who I really am.

I wish that everyone would find their own little universe, where they can feel finally relaxed and free. It doesn’t always have to be the passive safety of the universal home – you can create it from your personal inner light. Find something that doesn’t fail to bring a smile on your face – something that makes you tick. Even though it won’t be an easy search to find the thing that you truly love to do, it will be worth it in the end. The world you form will become your precious sanctuary.


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