Tail of a Dragon or Head of a Snake?

This is a phrase that is commonly used in Korea. Would you rather be the tail of a dragon or the head of a snake? A dragon is a grand creature and a snake is a lesser, smaller one. This question implies whether you would rather be the one of the normal or lesser people of a high, esteemed community or the top person of a small, less popular community.

 OMGVIS0907-4     Take Steve Kim, a renowned entrepreneur (called the “top CEO of Asia”), for instance. When he came to my Korean high school to give us a talk about his life and achievements, he said that when he was young, he left a huge, well-known company (where he was just a fish in the sea) in favor of a smaller company (where he became the most valuable employee). He said that was one of the best decisions he had made; it promoted him to be one of the highest ranking employee in the company, enabling him to lots of freedom and power. His rank and power inside the company was how he earned so much knowledge and information from the upper level of an enterprise (including a high pay raise), allowing him to later quit the company and make his own (which became extremely successful). He is the typical example of the influential head of a snake.
However, that doesn’t mean that the tail of a dragon isn’t as good as the head of a snake.beowulf-dragontail For example, when I went to the ESU English Speaking Competition Finals, I met a lot of students around my age who were extremely talented in both English and public speaking. I was literally the “tail of a dragon” there, for it was my first time participating in a speech competition while the kid next to me had won a previous competition in middle school. Despite being an “amateur,” I learned a lot while observing other students about prose, logic, posture, tone, and most importantly, confidence. This valuable experience has helped me lots in public speaking since that day.
The tail of a dragon and the head of a snake have their own problems too. As the tail of a dragon, you may not be able to be a shining light and grow as big as you hoped, although there is a possibility that you could. You may be overshadowed by many people who seem to shine brighter than you, burying you and making you unable to find your true potential. On the other hand, as the head of a snake, you may easily become too prideful and become the “frog in the well” (which means that your view of the whole world becomes limited to a small portion). You may be the best in your community, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to drastically improve due to the fewer opportunities.
Each choice has its pros and cons. I guess I’ll have to spend more time thinking which one is right for me. What are your thoughts on this topic?

Courage to Grow

I’m human. I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life. There have been simple ones, like calling a classmate the name of another (they looked quite similar to me), and more serious ones, like following choices people made for me instead of making independent decisions. However, mistakes aren’t horrible, although it might feel like the end of the world at that moment. They are the fertilizer for a better me.

Many experiences bombard our lives. Not all of them are going to be successes; failures and mistakes are going to constantly pepper your path. They’re unavoidable, since we’re human. But we shouldn’t be depressed by the downward points of the roller coaster of life. We should accept them with open arms and grow from them.

The mistakes I’ve made in the past have instilled courage into me to grow. They have spoke of places I should detour from in the future and taught me the ways to do something better. I can say that I have nurtured the strength not to let mistakes rob my happiness and can keep living with my head held high.

Sometimes when we see those mistakes that seem to stain our lives, we have the urge to erase them away. However, I let them be on my page of life. They are a collection I’m not necessarily proud of, but they are part of my past that were just as important as my achievements, for I learned from them.


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Perks of a Being a Bookworm

What better way to experience the utmost corners of Earth or dive into a fascinating world called imagination than to turn a page? But books don’t just show us new places and unique people. Inside those pages hides magic that transforms our views, colors our lifestyles, and expands our thinking.

51DY8lRXVjLWe all have heard of the titles of famous pieces of literature, including “The Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man” by James Joyce, although we all can’t say the same about having read it. Why do schools and literary critics recommend people to read these acclaimed books? They give us insight into different views and lives. They are filled with morals that guide us in every day life and wondrous prose that broadens our range of phrases.7abb96e8dd5eac2859c8c8c451a75f58

The world of books is not only made up of literature. There is also nonfiction. Of course, it may not be as preferable to read as their counterpart, but it boasts numerous worlds made up of expertise minds in science, social studies, philosophy, and etc. No matter what subject you choose to read in, it is full of wonderful information that can come handy later in life.

Warren Buffett, the renowned American business magnate, claims that he spends 80% of his day reading. He says that it’s the key of becoming more knowledgeable.

Remember, it’s not wise to keep strictly on a diet of fantasy and sensational stories, which seems to be the fad now. Just like gorging yourself on only sweets is not healthy for you, you should have a diverse diet of all kinds of books, including biographies, science journals, and history books. You can learn a lot from them and broaden your horizons.

2832-popular_diet_booksNow go sink your teeth into a good book!




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The Moon and the Child

A bowl of liquid silver against a background of pitch black

Emitting a soft, pale glow onto the world encased in night below

“I want to be like the moon,” a small child says as he looks outside

“I want to illuminate the lives of those who see darkness.”

So he makes a wish upon the glowing sphere of hope in the sky

And falls asleep into his wonderland of bright dreams.


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Listen to the Wind

Close your eyes and open your ears

Listen to the whisper passing by in the air.

Can you hear the soft rolling of unshed tears

By those living in grim darkness they cannot bear

Or the twinkling laughter of children like bells

Pealing forth and filled with youthful joy and hope

Or the prayer to the stars the earnest dreamer tells

Despite the dream being on top of a steep slope.


Because the wind carries all these different sounds

And channels them into our hearts in bounds.


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Please Don’t Leave Me

There are many things I don’t understand in this world: why we dream when we sleep, why the sky is blue, and why black holes exist. However, the one thing that stumps me from time to time is the complicated human mind. Mysterious and confusing, the human mind constantly surprises and confuses many. Maybe that’s why there isn’t a single person in the world who fully understands the wonders of it, though some try using psychology and philosophy. However, those who study the above can only hope to graze the surface of a huge, untold mystery.

Throughout my life, I’ve moved around quite a bit. I’ve lived in over four states in the US and also in South Korea. Every time I lived in a new community, I naturally made several acquaintances and friends. The people I met were diverse, and each ended up dominating part of my bank of memories, especially my friends. Implanted inside my heart, I carried them around the world.

Thanks to the rise of social media, I was able to contact them through email, Facebook, and Kakao Talk. Sometimes I sent them a “how are you” or a quick message wishing them a happy birthday. However, it seemed like the longer apart I was with a friend, the less contact I would have with him or her. For some friends, we naturally grew apart and “lost each other in the tides of life.”

What I’m wondering now is that does that friend still see me as a friend? If someone asks me the same thing, I would say definitely. However, though that is how I feel, is that true? They say the heart grows fonder when apart, but I realized that after quite a long time, the emotions fade into noting but memories. And as more time passes, our lives become busier and we tend to forget, like all humans. Yes, the fondness still lingers, and when I chance upon thinking of that friend I feel affectionate. Yet that friend is no longer part of the present and future I see in front of me. And if I desperately refuse to face reality and grab on to the past, I am left with nothing but the fear that one day that person would leave my life forever by cutting off all contact.

So I beg of you to please not leave me. Contact me from time to time so the memories will relive every time instead of fading into a frozen wall. You don’t know how much a little “how are you” touches my heart.


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Reach Out a Hand. Touch Hope.

Shh! Listen.

Can you hear the Haitians struggling to rescue themselves from the bleak depths of poverty?

If you can’t hear it with your ears, open up your heart.

Listen with your heart. Reach out a caring hand.

Then you may be able to hear the sound of hope.


I have recently started to volunteer for Haiti College Fund, a non-profit organization that provides promising young Haitian students the opportunity to work their way out of poverty by scholarships to universities in Haiti.

Did you know?

Haiti’s per capita income ($250) is considerably less than one-tenth the Latin American average. About 80 percent of the rural Haitian population lives in poverty.

But with university-level education, young Haitians are able to enter professional positions and after returning to their communities, start creating a better society. Because it is the children who grow up to become the leaders of the future. Because it is the children who grow up to start building changes and shaping a better community with their own two hands. The key to ending poverty is education. According to US Representative Nita Lowey, it “increases their economic potential, improves their health outcomes,  and helps them provide for their families and participate in their communities.” HCF offers the cornerstone. HCF helps the Haitians stand so they can run and create miracles.


All I ask of you now is to Like the page on Facebook. Then invite all your friends to Like it also. The most important first step is to spread awareness. A simple but powerful step. Haiti College Fund can’t do it alone – we need you. We need everyone.



For more information, visit http://www.haiticollegefund.org/.


P.S. I’ll appreciate it if you reblog or share this post. 🙂


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