My Never-Ending Craving

The average human’s appetite can never be satiated. Once we get something we want, another craving appears and we struggle to satisfy it. It’s an endless chain of desire.

One of my cravings is to become a communicator. In other words, my dream career to become a journalist, author, or reporter. Someone who can elicit various emotions from readers through her handicraft of words. But I know that once I reach this dream, I won’t be satisfied. I would begin to start on my bigger dream: the dream of taking one step closer to peace on this world.

When I read about the lives of children in under-developed countries in newspaper articles, Internet clips, and even in school textbooks, I feel a pang of sorrow shoot through my heart. Especially when I read eloquent articles describing the drastic situations as if weaving a picture, I begin to feel two very powerful emotions: empathy and sympathy. It’s as if the arrow of compassion has shot through me. I feel awakened to the plight of those children who don’t have the right to the wondrous universe of education, who are too weak from hunger to even shed a tear, and who can’t even go to sleep without wondering if they would survive the next day. And I find myself craving, craving to help them out in my own way.

Just like I am telling my story through this blog, I want to tell the stories of the millions of children in the invisible corners of Earth. I want to spread the knowledge of their suffering, their hopes, their lifestyles, and their desires through the powerful communication tool called writing. I want to evoke empathy and sympathy from the billions of people around the world so they can stand up from their passive seats and reach out a hand to the unknown children. Because together, we can change the lives of millions of children for the better. Because if everyone pitches in, even a little, one day the children will be able to see sunshine instead of wallowing in the darkness. Because every drop of water in the ocean counts.

And I will keep on craving until I have reached my goal. It may be a never-ending craving, but I will still strive.

I crave for a better world. Why? Because I am a dreamer. Because that is my dream.

Dream with me.


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5 thoughts on “My Never-Ending Craving

  1. parijat shukla says:

    Thanks you for writing something so close to my heart…Our children are the children of earth irrespective of where they reside…All this development is futile if we cannot ensure health, education and happy life for each child irrespective of his family background…
    That is problem part and a deeply sad problem at that…I am sure there are many like us who think passionately about it searching for ways to change the prevailing situation…Do tell me how we may go about it at individual level…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dreamer on a Cloud says:

      Spread the word, the understanding, the compassion. Since we can’t do it ourselves, the whole world must be aware and participate. Individually, one can volunteer his or her time and skills for a cause. One can also donate money to an organization (but it doesn’t have to be a lot; every little thing counts).

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