The Word that Spells Hope

“Maybe.” This became a word for me that allowed me to weather the storms throughout the story of my life. It became the tiny star in the night sky. And every time I peer up at it, I feel like the worries nagging my mind are being covered by a sense of optimism.

Maybe it’ll snow today. Maybe the person didn’t mean what he/she said. Maybe, maybe everything that happens is supposed to be a stepping stone in my life in order to reach a better me. As storm after storm hit my world, I ended up linking the word “maybe” with “hope.” This belief was the turning point of my life. I managed to pull out myself from wallowing in sorrow and self-pity four years ago. I survived, escaping the fate of drowning in depression. All because of a single word that shined a light which taught me to look at things differently.

Even when it rains, even when dark and angry clouds are gathering, I tell myself “maybe.” Maybe it won’t be too horrible. Maybe it’s just a point in my life, and although I might suffer again, I’ll live through it and learn. Maybe afterwards, there will be a rainbow outside to greet me. And then I hold onto my lifeline, my dazzling ray of hope, and I live on.

Whenever you are feeling blue, gray, or black, think of the word “maybe.” Find the brilliant speck of hope from the darkness and you’ll be able to rescue yourself. And like me, maybe you’ll be able to see the glass half full all the time.


I guess that might make you curious about the struggles I’ve faced in my past. I admit that it wasn’t as drastic or hopeless as the lives of the millions of starving or abused children in the world, but it was personally meaningful and full of vast emotions that I don’t fully understand today. Maybe one day I’ll share it with you.


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7 thoughts on “The Word that Spells Hope

  1. Flavia says:

    You have no idea how much your words ministered to/blessed me today. I needed to hear that “maybe” links with “hope”–thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. And if I may say just one thing regarding your last paragraph re your struggles–the whole comparison thing that people put on us is an insensitive ruse. To us, whatever the huge and horrid issue we’re dealing with is equally unbearable as the plight of others in catastrophic calamitous circumstances. Doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate and care about their issues/situations–but our pain is very real, and we’re just trying to get to Tomorrow. Hope I’ve not intruded too much with my opinions…

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