Reach Out a Hand. Touch Hope.

Shh! Listen.

Can you hear the Haitians struggling to rescue themselves from the bleak depths of poverty?

If you can’t hear it with your ears, open up your heart.

Listen with your heart. Reach out a caring hand.

Then you may be able to hear the sound of hope.


I have recently started to volunteer for Haiti College Fund, a non-profit organization that provides promising young Haitian students the opportunity to work their way out of poverty by scholarships to universities in Haiti.

Did you know?

Haiti’s per capita income ($250) is considerably less than one-tenth the Latin American average. About 80 percent of the rural Haitian population lives in poverty.

But with university-level education, young Haitians are able to enter professional positions and after returning to their communities, start creating a better society. Because it is the children who grow up to become the leaders of the future. Because it is the children who grow up to start building changes and shaping a better community with their own two hands. The key to ending poverty is education. According to US Representative Nita Lowey, it “increases their economic potential, improves their health outcomes,  and helps them provide for their families and participate in their communities.” HCF offers the cornerstone. HCF helps the Haitians stand so they can run and create miracles.


All I ask of you now is to Like the page on Facebook. Then invite all your friends to Like it also. The most important first step is to spread awareness. A simple but powerful step. Haiti College Fund can’t do it alone – we need you. We need everyone.


For more information, visit


P.S. I’ll appreciate it if you reblog or share this post. 🙂


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