Please Don’t Leave Me

There are many things I don’t understand in this world: why we dream when we sleep, why the sky is blue, and why black holes exist. However, the one thing that stumps me from time to time is the complicated human mind. Mysterious and confusing, the human mind constantly surprises and confuses many. Maybe that’s why there isn’t a single person in the world who fully understands the wonders of it, though some try using psychology and philosophy. However, those who study the above can only hope to graze the surface of a huge, untold mystery.

Throughout my life, I’ve moved around quite a bit. I’ve lived in over four states in the US and also in South Korea. Every time I lived in a new community, I naturally made several acquaintances and friends. The people I met were diverse, and each ended up dominating part of my bank of memories, especially my friends. Implanted inside my heart, I carried them around the world.

Thanks to the rise of social media, I was able to contact them through email, Facebook, and Kakao Talk. Sometimes I sent them a “how are you” or a quick message wishing them a happy birthday. However, it seemed like the longer apart I was with a friend, the less contact I would have with him or her. For some friends, we naturally grew apart and “lost each other in the tides of life.”

What I’m wondering now is that does that friend still see me as a friend? If someone asks me the same thing, I would say definitely. However, though that is how I feel, is that true? They say the heart grows fonder when apart, but I realized that after quite a long time, the emotions fade into noting but memories. And as more time passes, our lives become busier and we tend to forget, like all humans. Yes, the fondness still lingers, and when I chance upon thinking of that friend I feel affectionate. Yet that friend is no longer part of the present and future I see in front of me. And if I desperately refuse to face reality and grab on to the past, I am left with nothing but the fear that one day that person would leave my life forever by cutting off all contact.

So I beg of you to please not leave me. Contact me from time to time so the memories will relive every time instead of fading into a frozen wall. You don’t know how much a little “how are you” touches my heart.


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8 thoughts on “Please Don’t Leave Me

  1. Rebekah Blake says:

    Oh my goodness. I was just thinking about this the other day. I wrote a couple posts about friends (how to steal them and how to lose them) because of it. I have a friend who was practically my sister and circumstances changes in a way that we aren’t able to talk like we used to and I find myself wondering if she still thinks of me like a sister or if we’re just friends.

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