Listen to the Wind

Close your eyes and open your ears

Listen to the whisper passing by in the air.

Can you hear the soft rolling of unshed tears

By those living in grim darkness they cannot bear

Or the twinkling laughter of children like bells

Pealing forth and filled with youthful joy and hope

Or the prayer to the stars the earnest dreamer tells

Despite the dream being on top of a steep slope.


Because the wind carries all these different sounds

And channels them into our hearts in bounds.


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7 thoughts on “Listen to the Wind

  1. insidioustemptation says:

    Lovely. I am reminded of sitting in a very public place…well…I don’t want to say eavesdropping…but…! Thank you for writing this. So many emotions can be carried to us via our ears. It is always amazing how many people don’t really LISTEN…but rather, are too busy speaking.

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