Perks of a Being a Bookworm

What better way to experience the utmost corners of Earth or dive into a fascinating world called imagination than to turn a page? But books don’t just show us new places and unique people. Inside those pages hides magic that transforms our views, colors our lifestyles, and expands our thinking.

51DY8lRXVjLWe all have heard of the titles of famous pieces of literature, including “The Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man” by James Joyce, although we all can’t say the same about having read it. Why do schools and literary critics recommend people to read these acclaimed books? They give us insight into different views and lives. They are filled with morals that guide us in every day life and wondrous prose that broadens our range of phrases.7abb96e8dd5eac2859c8c8c451a75f58

The world of books is not only made up of literature. There is also nonfiction. Of course, it may not be as preferable to read as their counterpart, but it boasts numerous worlds made up of expertise minds in science, social studies, philosophy, and etc. No matter what subject you choose to read in, it is full of wonderful information that can come handy later in life.

Warren Buffett, the renowned American business magnate, claims that he spends 80% of his day reading. He says that it’s the key of becoming more knowledgeable.

Remember, it’s not wise to keep strictly on a diet of fantasy and sensational stories, which seems to be the fad now. Just like gorging yourself on only sweets is not healthy for you, you should have a diverse diet of all kinds of books, including biographies, science journals, and history books. You can learn a lot from them and broaden your horizons.

2832-popular_diet_booksNow go sink your teeth into a good book!




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