Three Day Quote Challenge: Day 3

Sorry I was a day late!! I would like to share some quotes I made up myself along the journey of my life.


Youth is a state of mind that applies to all ages.

When people use the word “youth,” they naturally picture liveliness and hopefulness. I believe that it doesn’t only apply to young people. Anyone can be in that state if they changed their view of the world to one of wonder and curiosity. Be youthful today.


Stubborn isn’t about saying “no;” it’s saying “yes.”

When I was young, I would think being stubborn was being arrogant and dogmatic. As I grew, I redefined it as being persistent and moral. Stubbornness is a valuable trait in life. You must stick to your values and goals. You must believe that you can do it.


The stars may be currently covered by a black cloud, but remember that they are still there, waiting for the cloud to pass.

This is my current outlook towards life. No matter how gray or blue right now seems, I know that life will soon get better. When something good happens, I must be thankful for it but not be obsessed about it. My journey has its ups and downs – with a down comes an up and vice versa.


3 thoughts on “Three Day Quote Challenge: Day 3

  1. blogmylife86 says:

    Hey! I just nominated you for the 3-days-3-quotes challenge but didn’t realise you were already nominated! Sorry! Just goes to show that you’re a great blogger 🙂 You don’t have to participate again 🙂

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