Compare and Contrast Essay

If you walk into a flower shop, a vast burst of color might greet your eyes. The burst of color is orchids, whose unique shape captures your vision. When you exit the shop and walk down the sidewalk, you might be able to spot a dandelion who has found success in fighting its way out of a crack in the concrete. Despite the fact that both flowers have long, slim stems and leaves that grow from the bottom of the stems, the similarities end there. They are polar opposites from inside to out.

Orchids are known to be beautiful, exotic creatures. They come in numerous colors, from soft pastel pink to vibrant neon orange. Coveted by people for weddings or gifts, their beauty is admired. However, despite being quite rare, their method of reproduction is common to that of most flowers. In order to preserve their bloodline, they tempt bees and fruit flies with their visual appeal and rely on these flying creatures for pollination. They are also dependent on other ways. Some orchids, called mounting orchids, need trees to grow on. Attaching their roots to their host, they grow with its support. Others, being delicate and dainty, require special care and attention to blossom.

On the other hand, dandelions, with their fluffy heads of either yellow or white, can easily be glimpsed in a spring or summer carpet of green outside. Being one of the most common flowers does not add to their popularity; some people scorn them as “weeds” and label them as “plain.” However, although they may not be a gift for loved ones, they are in important in other ways, as medicinal purposes. Also, their method of reproduction is unique. They require nothing but the wind; on a windy day, their white heads slowly disappear as their seeds are cast far away to begin a new generation. In addition, their lifestyle is very independent; being stronger and sturdier than most flowers, they can grow almost anywhere with little help.

The orchid is a lovely, dainty thing that is soft to its core. Needing assistance and special care, she is a princess that cannot live by herself. On the other hand, the dandelion is a robust flower that can withstand tough circumstances. These two flowers have a spark inside of them that speaks of life. However, the dandelion is the one that is successful at achieving the essence of life: survival. Despite its plain appearance, it has what counts inside. Appearance isn’t everything.


3 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast Essay

  1. Jess says:

    Fascinating comparison of flowers – this is such a great metaphor for personalities and you’ve handled it with such poise! I never really thought of the dandelion as a plant to admire but I’ll definitely give them a bit more thought from now on.

    Liked by 1 person

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