Fleeting Flower

In the spring, it snows in Korea. However, the snow is not just white but also a light pink. It is not biting cold; it is soft. The flurries symbolize the freshness and romance that bud as the season turns warmer. They are cherry blossom petals. Thousands flock to the cherry blossom orchards to catch a glimpse of the white and pink wonderland.

I don’t know why my favorite flower is the cherry blossom. Maybe I, too, am drawn to its dainty beauty that is so pleasing to the eye. Maybe I’m drawn to its Oriental heritage that gives me a sense of pride. However, the cherry blossom is a fleeting flower. It blooms from late March to May – only a couple of months or so. Then shouldn’t I prefer a flower that is strong and timeless – for example, a dandelion?

For me, despite its aesthetically-pleasing appearance, the cherry blossom embodies sadness. Nothing is eternal under the unchanging skies. The cherry blossom is one example of that. Every moment has the ability to be wonderful, but they all are fleeting.

However, the cherry blossom comes back to greet us every year.